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  1. I’m not sure if my note I sent to you delivered —so I’m basically repeating it. I really love your work I am an artist and I noticed that you were part of the other art fair. I’ve been chosen for the Chicago show in September and I was wondering if you could give me any advice of certain sizes and what dold better? I see you have some wonderful large pieces any tips would be wonderful.

    1. Great to here from you and congratulations about being chosen to do TOAF Chigaco. Thank you also for your comments about my work.
      I’ve just looked at your site and love your paintings! I’m sure you’ll do very well at the show. My best advice is take things of different sizes and prices and if possible and you’re comfortable with it, some prints of your work to sell at a lower price. If you want to chat about the show, drop me a line at with your phone number and I can give you some practical tips. Good luck. It’s a great experience. Iona

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