Expressive print making. Painting directly on the back of a silkscreen.

My love of screen printing started young. My earliest screen print was done when I was studying for my A levels at DLA (Drama and Liberal Arts) Stratford-upon-Avon college. Having recently left my very strict girls’ school in Warwick, the new freedom the course offered was a like a breath of fresh air. DLA¬†was a hotspot of theatrical talent and many well known actors, writers and directors started their careers under the tutelage of the head, Gordon Vallins. It was an amazing time but I never lost sight of wanting a career in art.

For much of my life I worked as a creative art director/designer, and came back to painting just six years ago. What is exciting is that I have recently rediscovered my love of silkscreen but this time around have found a way to combine painting and printing by painting directly on the back of the screen and then pulling through.

It has opened up a whole new world and I feel as if I’m back as a child making pools of fabulous colour which I combine in a free and expressive way.

A couple of examples of my hand painted silkscreen monotypes.

New day by Iona Stern. Hand painted monotype.
NEW DAY. Hand painted monotype. Coastal scene.
'Across the pebbles'.Iona Stern. Hand painted monotype.
Another coastal scene. ‘Across the pebbles’. Hand painted monotype.


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